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Re: Calcium supplement

> From: Miles Morrissey <mmorriss at sophia_smith.edu>
> Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 09:12:07 -0500 (EST)
> Subject: Calcium Carbonate
> Dear folks, 
> 		I'm setting up a new tank using some giant vals and e. 
> Blerhi (amazon sword).  The water at the office is neutral to slightly 
> acidic and very soft < 1 degree german scale for both GH and KH.  I put 
> these plants in this water with a vermiculite/soil/worm casting substrate 
> under 2 inches of washed river gravel.  I have done this before with very 

I'm glad you posted this, Miles.  I have been putting off posting my
latest learning experience.  Like you, I have very soft water at home,
providing very little Ca and Mg for my plants.  After noticing
deformed new growth on my amazon swords, I mixed up a mixture of 1pint
tap water, 1tsp CaCl2, and 1tsp epsom salts.  Since I have been adding
this mixture, the swords and val. have been growing explosively.  I have
been adding 1 capful (call it 5ml) per week to my 45 gallon tank.
Although these particular compounds won't dissolve completely in 1 pint of
water, I just make sure to shake well before using.  The residue 
_will_ dissolve in 45 gallons of water.

I'm not sure that the symptoms you describe match well with my plants.
However, the mixture I'm using is moderately increasing the GH while
hardly affecting the pH.  The fish are fine, and I don't see how it could
hurt the plants.