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RE>Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #559

>Just wondering if I could get an idea of exactly what kind of  >gravel people 
are using. 

I went to the local big hardware/nursery place (Orchard Supply here in CA, but 
you should be able to find the same at a K-mart with nursery or Home Depot) 
and bought a big bag of the smallest gravel they sell, which averages the size 
of a big lima bean. This is sold for landscaping and cost me a whopping $3.99 
or so; I used maybe half of it to cover the soil substrate in a 35-gal. tank. 
The only caveat is to wash it well before you put it into the aquarium. I cut 
slits in the plastic bag and ran water through it from the garden hose until 
it looked reasonably clean. The gravel is multi-colored and looks very natural 
-- great with the plants.

DON'T spend $6.99 for a little bag at the aquarium store unless you simply 
must have that great neon orange gravel........!!

Christine in Palo Alto, mid-60's, sunny, hummingbirds...