Re: Yeast in DIY CO2


I have experimented with different wine yeasts, and found that the extent
to which they will last longer is only a couple of days.  Of course, if
you were to dilute the solution of alcohol they were in, and add more
sugar they would continue to make CO2 longer.  I also tried using
different juices with the wine yeast, which gave me a about the same
results as using water with the wine yeast.  The product of the wine yeast
and juice is drinkable (if you use sterilizing tabs), but doesn't compare
to *real* wine.  It's more like a cooler.  Moving onward...

Okay, now the reason that most people use regular table sugar is that it
is easily available, and most already have some at home.  Same goes for
the bread yeast.  Also, these ingredients are cheap... though I don't
remember the wine yeast being very expensive.  If I remember, I actually
used less wine yeast than bread yeast per volume of liquid.  Hmm...


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