swords with algae

Hello once again

I have a 30g tank w/ angels, corys.  It is not as heavily planted
as I want.  Because, the ones I have now, are doing ok. Not
as well as I feel they should be.
Right now I have a 36" hood w/ dual flour.
I am using one vita-lite. The other buld is just one that came
with it.  I was reassured that this was good enough to grow
So, here's the q's ???? 
Do I need to get another fl. tube?  If so, what would be a 
good one??  The pet store said {a different one} I need a
50/50 bulb.  Of course he wants well above $20.00.  I
will buy my next bulb M/O.  Just need to know which one
to get.
Now also,  On one melon sword, it gets alot of green fuzzy
algae, same as the drift wood. The lights are on a timer.13-14hrs
a day.  Is this too much?  Right now, I have to brush the wood
and plants to get it off.
Thanks again for any and all help