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<< Can anyone tell me what type of paint would be safe to use inside the
 The tank would house some sensitive fish like discus.  Is Acrylic pint OK >>

Dennis, believe it or not you can use Krylon in most aquariums as long as you
let whatever you have painted dry for a few days.  I like to soak it in water
for a few more as a precaution.  Two part epoxies like Polane or Proline
(made by a couple of the major house paint companies...sorry I can't remember
which ones)  work best but are expensive and relatively toxic (to the
applicator...you...before they cure).  I should mention that my "paint
experiences" have mostly been in saltwater and that these materials have not
hurt invertebrates.   Don't know about discus.   I HAVE used latex paint in
aquariums.  It works well on concrete rockwork if you dilute it 5:1 with
water and apply it like a stain.  It doesn't adhere well to flat surfaces
underwater and tends to peel. 

Pete Mohan