Re: SAEs eating Mayaca

> From: "M. Pearlscott" <pearlsco at u_washington.edu>
> I'm curious... did you actually see the SAE's eat a healthy leaf?  I have
> some Rotala macranda in my tank, with four constantly munching SAE's and
> they never touch any of the plants.

I have _definitely_ seen the SAEs eating the Mayaca but I have not 
observed them in the act of eating Rotala rotundifolia which is the 
Rotala species that is being devoured. 

Anyone else keeping SAEs with Mayaca? These are adult fish, not juveniles.

I was able to move 2 of 3 SAEs to another tank last night but the last
one knows I'm trying to catch him and has become very cagey. I'll try
again with a little food.

Re: cold water for catfish breeding

That advise came from a successfuly cory cat breeder. He said that its
like magic after adding cold water. The walls will be covered with eggs
in a day! This must correspond to the onset of the rainy season with
cold soft rain water flooding the streams.

Steve in sunny Vancouver (for the moment)