Re: What's this Plant (H. zosterfolia?)

> From: spush at saudan_HAC.COM
> This is the plant I got from Erik Olson about a year ago. It looks 
> most like Eichhornia natans on pg 15 Vol 3 of the Baench atlas or 
> Eichhornia diversifolia, pg 49 Baench Vol 2. The stem and leaves are 
> quite fragile and the leaves blacken if damaged. The leaf is entire 
> and clasping (leaf attaches directly to the stem) very close together 
> at the growing tip, light green, about 5mm wide and 2-3 cm in length.
> Erik, did you ever make a positive identification?

Eh?  Hmm.  Sounds like Heteranthera zosterfolia from your description
(especially the "blackens when damaged...").  Odd, though, I never had any
trouble ID'ing that one.  I also don't have it anymore... grew wonderfully
at times, and languished at others.

> PS. Erik, did you feel the earthquake in Seattle tonight?

Geez, I am SO out of it...

   - Erik

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