Re: Slow release terrestial fertiliser pills

    I have used Nutricote {9 mths} in the past with good results { and similar problems with Ammonia}.
The dosage is very much "suck - it - and - see".Paul's idea of a pot works well.I have been using
standard pots {we can also get plastic pots without holes for anaerobic systems} which I flush occasionally
by draining them to maintain an aerobic substrate.
     The problem of Ammonia build-up has been reduced by using Fern-type pills and pills suitable for 
Australian Natives {lower Nitrogen}.
    The technique is very effective with emersed Crypts & Swords and has eliminated{to-date} meltdowns
in my Crypts.The plants are much stronger {eg C. Wendtii taking 4hrs of full sun}.The downside of all this is 
that the repotting cycle rolls around much sooner!
    My experiments point to the shorter{3mth} pills for the bigger swords {logical?}.Typically an E.Osiris
would have roots out the bottom under 3 mths {repot time!}. 
    If you use an old aquarium for emersed growth,place an empty standard pot in an accessible 
corner and build the substrate around it.That allows you to drain the substrate and remove those nasty 
gases with the minimum of fuss.Liquid fertiliser is returned with fresh water via the pot allowing the goodies 
to flood the substrate from below. 

Eng Chuah ANGFA(Qld)