CO2 Reactor Idea

I'm searching for an idea for a CO2 reactor that will fit within the 
limitations of my system.  Since my 110 planted tank serves as a room 
divider, I don't want anything hanging off it and prefer not to have any 
mechanical equipment in it.  So far, the only mechanical item in it is the 
return from the W/D filter.

Currently, I use an inverted "Tuperware" container for CO2 absorption.  It 
fits in the plenum area of the wet/dry filter.  However. it does not have 
sufficient surface area to achieve my desired CO2 levels (The highest I 
have measured is about 10 ppm using a LaMotte test kit. For those of you 
who don't think CO2 tests are very reliable, I have a kH= 1-1.5 and 
pH=6.6-6.8.)  I have tried adding the CO2 to the suction of the w/d pump, 
but the resulting fine bubbles give the water a unattractive cloudy 

In searching for a simple system, I came up with the idea of using the 
wet/dry filter itself.  From a configuration standpoint, it has a high 
wetted surface area making it ideal for the CO2 absorb into the water 
phase.  It would be very easy to seal it up to prevent the CO2 from 
escaping into the air. 

My question is will a CO2 rich environment in it harm the benefical 
bacteria that live on the filter media.  I am under the assumption that 
these bacteria get most if not all of their O2 from the water phase rather 
than from the air.


Doug Skokna in Houston, TX, where the Rockets are 31-11
and  we had tornadoes last night.