PMDD / Tropica Mastergrow

Paul Sears wrote:

>	I would not suggest using both at the same time.  The method 
>Kevin and I developed was not (as Karen Randall suggested) based on
>Tropica Mastergrow; we used logic and experiment.  The plants _need_
>K, N, P and a well-known list of trace elements.  They must be provided
>somehow, but there is no point in duplicating sources, and I infer 
>from what Karen said that Tropica Mastergrow is a trace element mix.

Sorry, Paul, when the term "PMDD's" was first being thrown around, I
thought I remembered that someone was using the percentages in Mastergrow
as the model for PMDD.  I know that your addition of N was an added step to
reduce P in nitrogen limited tanks.  Sorry if I mislead people.

In any case, whether PMDD's were originally based on Mastergrow or not,
Mastergrow contains all trace elements, and relatively larger amounts of K
and Mg.  One of the nicest things about it from my perspective is that the
label states the exact percentages of each element in the formula.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association