Human Pathogens in Aquarium Water

Before we all jump the gun and start medicating our aquariums, I think we should just sit
back a moment and think.  I have been involved with aquariums for a long time, both at home
and working at an aquarium store, and I don't think that I have ever once been infected from
aquarium.  I have siphoned water from RO vats many times.  Lord knows that I have drunk my
share of fish waste water, too.  We need to consult a professional on this subject, because
I don't think that most human pathogens could survive in an aquarium for long periods of
time w/o a host and reintroduction to the water.  If you are really concerned that you are
getting an infection from your aquarium, take some water samples to have tested.  I for one
am not concerned about it in the least...

Live Long and Prosper, while drinking fish-water,

Eric Schoville