Re: Snails

>Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 19:35:07 -0500 (EST)
>From: DIONIGI MALADORNO <MALADORD%A1%RNISD0 at mr_nut.roche.com>
> Back at home, I checked the recently published TFH book on apple snails by
>Perera and Walls. Just one eloquent quotation (page 40, "feeding"): -Certainly
>if they (apple snails) can eliminate the water hyacints and Pistia from entire
>caribbean lakes, they have the ability to eat all the plants you might put in
>their aquarium-! Maybe the snails of David are well fed with fish food
>leftovers, and they now consider plants a less appetible choice. Dave, are you
>by any chance writing about ramshorn snails instead? Those DO eat only

I have pearl apple snails, red ramshorn, brown spotted ramshorn, pond, and
trumpet snails in my tanks.  None of these snails eat healthy plant leaves, and
I tend to have a problem with them starving if I don't add algae wafers
occasionally (they won't eat the plants even if they're dying of hunger).  I've
also found that my brown-striped apple snails (same species) behaved the same
way and eventually starved in my tank when I was attempting to run it with zero
food input.

David Webb in chilly Plano, TX.