Re: Water Chemistry Reference Book

James Purchase wrote:

>Can anyone recommend a comprehensive book on Water
>Chemistry as it applies to freshwater aquaculture?


>There must be a standard reference in this area.
>If anyone knows a good, solid reference book on water chemistry,
>I'd love to get the name and publication info so that I can answer
>my own questions.

Many moons ago I worked for a water quality laboratory in
California.  The book we used was "Standard Methods for the
Examination of Water and Wastewater" published by the American
Water Works Association (AWWA).  I have no information on how to
obtain a current copy, nor do I know what it costs now.  This is the
water chemist's bible and may be a little too technical for our
purposes, however if you want a technical reference this would be it.
Anyone who may have information on how to obtain a copy should
post it.

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