Re: stupid plants

Paul Sears wrote:
>         Read the original posting (www.cam.org/~tomlins).
It's also available at the Krib under the fertilizer section.

Rochelle Williams wrote:

Here's the problem - holes in the leaves and red algae.  Overall the
> >brush algae plagueing the tank IS DEFINATELY going away.  Soft red algae
> >(looks like hair algae, only it's red) is forming on the lymnophelia.  This
> >evening I found lots of brownish or reddish algae growing on the front
> >glass of the tank.  I can live with these because its only temporary and
> >they can be removed.  But why are the plants developing holes in
> >them??????? 

Paul Sears again:
> The holes in new leaves are not any known deficiency symptom.  Something is
> damaging the leaves. 

It was I that suggested that you remove your Clown Loaches. Not all
Clown Loaches are plant eaters, but those that do can really tear up a
tank. They seem to be especially fond of ripping holes in Amazon Sword
leaves while they are still in the process of unfurling. Just because
this is not occuring in another tank which contains loaches, does not
mean that one is not doing a number on this tank. It sounds as if you
might be having multiple problems. The holes probably are not related to
your algae problems. If it is not your Clown Loaches (you remove them
and the problem continues), look around your tank for other suspects.

My advice on the algae...get your hands on the real PMDD ingredients.
Finding everything can be a bit of a hassle, but I believe you will find
it worth the effort.