Instant Amazon/Living Water Vital

I worked for years as a journalist. It is a tough job. First, you have
your personal loyalty to "truth". Second, you have to make a living. I
would not so readily condemn a fellow person as has been done on this
mailing list recently. It is too easy to scrap up dirt and so hard to
bring light to a subject. Maybe there is validity to "Instant Amazon"
maybe not. Reported are experiences of a serious journalist. Go gently.

I have a newly assembled 10-gallon tank with gravel, peat, Tetra
Cryptodunger, Micranthemum micranthemoides and Rotala macranda  in it.
Three Papilochromis Ramirezi inhabit it. I will add "Instant Amazon"
and report.

Fish activity: shy, calm, aggressive
Fish color: drab, moderate, bright
Plant activity: stagnant, bright and lively (growing)

Our much-maligned journalist may have had no time for critical analysis
but may have found something worthwhile. If there is anyone I trust, it
is a guy who puts his words into print where everyone can faciley
attack them. Let's test not protest.

In Savannah where sometimes, I think invertebrates could work as
clerks. And, BTW, where Algeus magneticos is an endemic fish.