Re: stick on thermometers

>From: James Purchase <jpp at inforamp_net>

>Sorry but I can't resist - it's about time Vancouverites learned just what
>winter is all about. Those of us in colder parts of the country get pretty
>tired of hearing about how mild it is on the coast.

Hi James -- yeah, I know! I hail from Barrie, Ontario. This is nothing to
what it was there, but hey, I'm a Vancouverite now! :)

 Is that "stick-on" thermometer an LCD
> job stuck on the outside of the tank? LCD thermometers aren't very precise
>nor very reliable, and if its stuck on the outside of the glass it is prone to
>flucuations in room temperature. I prefer a spirit thermometer inside the

Yes it is. I was always led to believe these things were the BEST. Thanks
for the info. I now have a floating thermomenter in the tank and it shows
over 80 degrees which is too hot! I am turning the heater down and going to
ignore the "stick-on".


>From: JOlson8590 at aol_com

>I presume Olga in Deep Snow and it is STILL COMING DOWN (you can tell that
>you are no longer a kid when snow coming down is not celebrated any more :-(

Hi JOlson (what's your name?) As to the above -- you're darn right about that!

...the "thermometers" that are "stuck on" the outside glass of
>tanks.  If so, they are "calibrated" for a room temperature of about 70
>degrees F.  If your room temperature varies quite a bit from evening to
>morning, you will get some rather wildly goofy readings!

Thanks for this input.

>However, I do have a Laboratory Grade Thermometer, purchased at the local
>University Chemical Supply Room, that I use to see which of the cheapies is
>good, which bad.  :-)

I could probably find one of these at UBC. Why can't you use this and
forget the cheapies? Too breakable? Too big?

in Vancouver where the rain has begun and flooding is on the way! Wonder if
we'll get the earthquake soon? :(