Re; H. Difformis

Last Dec. 28, you wrote:

I posted this question before, but didn't get any response, soooo, I'll try
again.  I'm puzzled by the growth habit of my h. difformis.  It grows up from
the substrate about 2 inches, then parallel to the gravel for an inch or so,
then up to the surface again.  This makes for some very interesting S-shaped
stems, though it is not quite what I was hoping for.  Any explanations?

Bill Cwirla
Hacienda Heights, CA

Hi Bill,

Sometimes stem plants do this to compete for more light.  You did not
describe your tank fully.  Do you have a lot of plants crowded in a small
space?  If so, each stem might be trying to compete with another to attain
more light for photosynthesis.

If you do not like the way this looks, simply tane a cutting and replant it.
In time, this will straighten out, but make sure you dont crowd this plant.
It needs a lot of space and light in order to grow fully.

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