Fish CAN be outwitted they can't be "out-sped". Algae eaters are among
the easiest fish to catch. Put algae wafers in a LARGE net. Position
the wafers at the VERY back of the net. Insert net and algae wafers
into the most open, least tangled part of the tank. Easy exit is
important.   Let soak. Every once in a while during an evening spent
staring at the tanks, check that net and replenish the algae wafers. It
will become "home" to the algae eating fish in your tank. Once it does,
scoop the algae eater out and put him (or her ... who knows?) in its
new home.

Yes, even I can do it!   :-)

Hope  you all have a super New Years' Celebration and a good year.

Best Regards,
Justin in Savannah, where I have---honest-to-god---met people who could
NOT outwit a fish!