Re: H. difformis & mail order plants

>From: RevWCw at aol_com
>Subject: Re: H. difformis
>I posted this question before, but didn't get any response, soooo, I'll try
>again.  I'm puzzled by the growth habit of my h. difformis.  It grows up from
>the substrate about 2 inches, then parallel to the gravel for an inch or so,
>then up to the surface again.  This makes for some very interesting S-shaped
>stems, though it is not quite what I was hoping for.  Any explanations?

H. difformis, when it has good light, adequate CO2, and some room to spread
out, will send out stems that run along the bottom surface.  Later, from
the nodes of these prostrate stems upright stems will grow.  In this
manner, it can colonize and take over any well lit area that isn't already
inhabited by other plants.  The prostrate stems will switch to upright
growth, however, if they grow into shaded areas.  It may be that in your
aquarium there is just enough light for the plants show just a bit of the
horizontal growth.  Probably with less light they will grow straight up,
and with more, they will have more horizontal growth.

>From: "Robert J. Harrison" <harrison at cyberbeach_net>
>Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 20:44:30 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Re: mail order plants
>would appreciate some mail order sources for aquatic plants
Try Darin Gasperson:
Also, try Delaware Aquatic Imports (Mike Tzronkowski?).  I don't have
Mike's address right here, but he advertizes in Freshwater and Marine
Aquarium (FAMA).
Horizon Growers can appearently get plants from Tropica, and you can see
what Tropica carries at
Horizon has ads in FAMA and/or TFH.

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