Re:Growing duckweed

>From: "G. johnson" <chsb at voicenet_com>
>To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
>Subject: duckweed
>We are trying to grow duckweed in the classroom using a cloning kit from
>Ward's but little is happeneing.  We are using growth medium supplied
>and the dishes are near the window.  They were set up about two weeks
>ago.  How long until we see reasonable growth, like they begin to cover
>the surface?
>G. Johnson
>Camden High School
>New Jersey

You should have seen reasonable growth by now.  Give the cultures as much
light as you can.  "Near the window" is hard to interpret.  Get them right
up next to the window, if you can.  If you still don't see growth in a
week, and you are sure you have been following the directions that came
with the kit, then set up some new cultures with one to two inches of
topsoil covered with one to two inches of water.

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