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     >>Throughout Amano's books one sees carpets of a very pretty red, 
     >>narrow leaved variety of E. tennellus yet the only E. tennellus I 
     >>can get my hands on is fairly ubiquitously green colored with wide 
     >I have some very tiny swords, with leaves which are less than 1" 
     >long and very narrow, which have a reddish color when grown in 
     >low light.  They seem to get much greener in brighter light.  I 
     >got them from Delaware aquatics, under the name "micro swords".
     Yep, I got mine from Delaware Aquatic Imports also--10 plants for $12 
     or so.  They grow pretty darn fast in bright light and 10 ppm CO2, but 
     mine stay red.
     I also have the larger variety of E. tenellus, but it has bright green 
     leaves, 1/4" wide and 4-5" long, purchased locally.