Re: Digest V2 #395 - Peat in Water

>Aquarium, advises that tannins are a bad thing (would seem to rule out
>peat-based extracts and things like Tetra's Blackwater Extract), but
>that natural colloids are required in the water. I am using R/O water,
>so I don't need anything to remove either Chlorine or Chloramine, nor 

I'm going to be using aeration and peat in a large container to 'age' my
water for 24hrs when I move upstate NY later this month (great time to
be moving!!).  The aim is to lower both pH and hardness (8.0 and 170ppm)
for a planted discus tank.  What effect, if any, will this have on the
quality of the water for plant growth.

Comments, suggestions gratefully accepted.

Thanks in advance, and have a great Christmas.

Nick Edmunds
nickedmunds at juno_com