Re: A few questions

> 2.  Has anyone figured out how to store RO water from the unit in a
> different tank than what comes with the unit??  Mine currently has a 2g
> which is NOT enough for water changes and such.

I purchased a 100g rubbermaid plastic watering trough for around $50-60. 
It has a 1 1/4" threaded drain hole which I plumbed a Little Giant pump
($140).  I have the tub and the RO unit in the basement next to a utility

I also have two CPVC pipes running to my 75g aquarium.  One to drain the
tank and one to fill.  Currently the pump is hardwired to a switch in the
aquarium.  However, when I finish my next aquarium I'll probably switch to
an X10 controller to power the pump so that I can turn the pump on from
either tank.

The drain pipe runs down to the utility sink and the fill pipe is connected
to the pump.  It all works very well.

I would prefer to have a sealable container.  A local pet store that sells
RO water has a large 300g white translucent storage container with a snap
on lid and bulkheads near the bottom.  I don't know where to find such a
beast though and this shop owner will not tell me where he got it.  He'll
sell me one for a huge amount of money I'm sure.

Anyone know where to find a storage container like this?