re:A few questions

Bridget had a few questions:

> 4 severums, a pl*co, and 3 clown loaches that I'm slowly converting
Too what? Cat food? :) (sorry, I just couldn't resit)

>2.  Has anyone figured out how to store RO water from the unit in a
>different tank than what comes with the unit??  Mine currently has a 2g tank
>which is NOT enough for water changes and such

I use a big Rubbermaid plastic container (Home Depot, $8.00 CDN) that holds
approx 65l. You could put a pump on or into it ...

>3.  I currently have some floating plants in the 55g, and was wondering what
>methods are used for keeping the food from being caught in the plants and
>decaying instead of being eaten.  THe clown loaches take care of some of it.
>Anybody have ideas for a homemade feeding ring (I don't want to order just
>one thing from mail-order)

Take a styrofoam coffee cup and cut the top rim off with a sharp knife. The rim
makes a perfect feeding ring.