Re: Copper as snail killer

     >Since copper is such a good snail eradicator, I was wondering
     >whether anyone has experimented using diluted solutions of say 
     >CopperSafe as a plant dip, or even intoduced low levels of copper 
     >directly into the aquarium.  I was thinking of trying the latter in 
     >my existing systems.
     Introducing a snailicide into your aquarium may cause water quality 
     problems--imagine what several grams of rotting snail carcasses will 
     do to your ammonia levels.  I am willing to bet your snail population 
     is bigger than you think, especially if you have Malaysian trumpet 
     I have one Botia striata in my 90 gallon, and he knocked my snail 
     population down in one week.  They only get to about 4", and are a 
     very busy, well-behaved fish.  I highly recommend them.
     Mark Fisher in sunny, 76 degree Austin TX