A few questions

Hi ya'll,

I have been reading up and currently have a 10g plant tank w/ one baby angel
fish and a 55g with 4 severums, a pl*co, and 3 clown loaches that I'm slowly
converting. I just have a few questions:

1.  Has anyone tried to set up a trickle filter to be used in mutiple tanks?
I'd like to get another tank (30g?) adn would prefer if the water quality in
each were the same.

2.  Has anyone figured out how to store RO water from the unit in a
different tank than what comes with the unit??  Mine currently has a 2g tank
which is NOT enough for water changes and such.

3.  I currently have some floating plants in the 55g, and was wondering what
methods are used for keeping the food from being caught in the plants and
decaying instead of being eaten.  THe clown loaches take care of some of it.
Anybody have ideas for a homemade feeding ring (I don't want to order just
one thing from mail-order)

Thanks for any help.

astex at mail_cy-net.net