Needle Valves

OK, here goes, I'm about to disagree with George Booth.

> For a better (although much more expensive) valve, try to locate a
> a Nupro B-4MG2 valve.

Good Valve, but it is expensive. So far I agree.

> The following are retail sources of the B-4MG2 valve:
> Denver Valve and Fitting Co.
> 950 Simms
> Lakewood, CO
> (303-232-8844)
> They will send via UPS (at least they did at one time) and they
> charged $35 plus $7 shipping some years ago.

  Still pretty close. I think mine was $38.

> Minnesota Valve & Fitting Co.
> 15901 West 78th St
> Eden Prairie, MN 55344-5799
> (612) 937-1160
> They ship UPS and accept MasterCard over the phone.  Dave Thorsen is the
> sales rep for western WI.

Hmmm....I don't know about that George. I called both places and neither
was very enthusiastic about selling me a valve. They will, however, put
you in touch with a distributor in your state, and after all, that's
just as good.

> The ARO Model NO1 valve is obsolete, but there are replacements:
ARO Model F02, NPT size 1/4", Grainger StocK No. 6ZC08, $11.30

Hmmm....I don't know about this one either George. I just bought one,
and yep, it's a model NO1. I called the national office of ARO and they
put me in touch with a local distributor. I probably still have that
number at work somewhere. The local folks ordered the NO1 and I picked
it up Monday. It's black, and has NO1 lettered on it. I haven't gotten a
chance to try it yet, but since I already have the NuPro model, stay
tuned for an exciting head to head comparison.

FWIW, to folks trying to build their own CO2 system, I would recommend a
solenoid. It's cheap ($20 or so) and it is a snap to install. It allows
you to hook your system to a timer so you can shut it down at night when
your plants don't need CO2 anyway, and you don't have to worry about a
CO2 disaster while your sleeping. (sort of a PMC, that's poor man's

Pat Bowerman