Re: Electronics Threatening To Take Over The World!

> I've read this stuff about I.V. dosers for administering PMDD's (or
> whatever).  One problem with I.V.'s is that the bag needs to be kept
> above the tank, and having such a bag can be rather unsightly, and
> it'd be hard to keep your bag in the dark (so that the iron doesn't
> oxidize.)

In my case (I'm the one who initially started this particular thread),
my 120G tank is located in a corner next to a large walk-in closet. A
couple of minutes with a hole saw and I was able to make a suitably
sized opening in the wall so that my Ehiem filter, the proposed dosing
bag and all other equipment associated with the aquarium can be
relocated to the closet, out of sight.

> Lately, I've considered building an electronic doser. 
>	Details deleted to save space...
> The whole aparatus should be very low-power, small, cheap, and discretely
> hidden under the aquarium. 

Sounds great, EXCEPT for the small fact that we are not ALL engineers or
electricians (I've already confessed my absolute horror and fear
regarding water and electricity). Dupla notwithstanding, not all
aquarium related equipment needs to be digitized, electrified, and
placed on a printed circuit board.

Please, take no offense, this is just MY opinion.


James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpp at inforamp_net