Re: Best oxygenating floating plant

>From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
>I've used Salvinia with Anabantids (Bettas) in small tanks
>quite successfully. I was wondering if Salvinia are very good
>oxygenators for water since they float on the surface and their
>leaves are actually in the air. It could be that these plants
>get more ammonia from an environment if they _don't_ oxygenate 
>the water. They get all the CO2 they need from the air and have
>little need to protect their "roots" since they don't penetrate
>into the substrate.
>[Q] : What is the best non-rooted oxygenating plant for use with
>small (say 2 liter) containers of fish like Killies????

Most people don't think of it as a floating plant, but I do.  Anacharis is
a good floating plant and I believe it's a good oxygenator as well.

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