Re: CO2 regulator woes

> From: Bryan W Vought <bwvought at mailbox_syr.edu>
> I recently started injecting CO2 from a 5# tank through a single-stage
> regulator and a needle valve.  
>  The problem I have is that the regulator freezes (ice forms
> on the diaphragm and all the regulating ability is lost) and CO2 is
> bubbled full-force into the aquarium.

Most places don't know what you're talking about when you ask for a needle
control valve. You need to use one of the micrometer type fine control
valves as described in the FAQ. If you attempt to use an ordinary valve
as a control, CO2 will vent fairly rapidly, resulting in expansion and
the accompanying absorption of heat causing cold and ice. The regulator
doesn't control the flow rate, only the pressure at the valve. The valve
itself must provide the fine control.

BTW, if you dial the regulator out (to zero pressure), there should be
no leakage. If there is, then the regulator diaphram has a leak and
needs to be replaced. Don't dial the regulator all the way in or you
can damage the diaphram.