trace element source

From: mark.fisher at tpwd_state.tx.us
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 96 18:59:19 cst
Subject: Trace element source

     Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has a product called Aquatic Plant Stimulant, 
     which is "specially formulated with 6 of the most important elements 
     for pond plant growth.  These elements include boron, zinc, copper, 
     molybdenum and iron."
just as a side note I've been adding just this product to my tanks for 2 months now and have gotten quite acceptable plant growth.so this may be an alternative for people who want good plant growth but don't want to do to much..btw my setups are all pretty much the same and ex follows
29g tank
2-20 watt no bulbs (1 full spec / 1 tri-lux)
large air stone
penguin 300

the reason i mentioned the last 2 is because even with heavy ariation I'm still able to have good growth

hope this helps someone