Re: Dosing supplements and nutrient springs

> From: James Purchase <jpp at inforamp_net>
> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 14:02:24 -0500
> Dupla recommends that it's basic fertilizer, Duplant, be added to the
> water with every water change and that the micronutrient supplement,
> Duplant 24, be added on a daily basis.
> I am wondering is either (or both) additives could be placed in an IV
> style dosing bag and added to the tank in a slow, continuous drip (the
> additives would be diluted with an appropriate amount of pure water in
> the dosing bag). The unit I am thinking of specifically is the Accudose
> from R.J. Hunter ($14.95).

Since Dupla sells a (no doubt) very pricey dosing pump for the
Duplaplant-24 drops, this is certainly a Good Thing To Do.  Protect
the IV bag from light since light oxidizes the Fe or breaks down the
chelation agent and/or both.

I think you would still need to add Duplaplant tablets at water
changes to make up for the step function removal of nutrients.