Pond Snails

	I Have been recieving the mailing list for about a month now and have
found it to be quite useful. This is my first question to the list.
	I set up a large tank(130gallons) about a month ago; I put a couple
different types of snails in the tank to help out with various aspects of
the tank. Malaysians for the gravel and some ramshorns for a bit of algea
eatin'. However, with the plants came some pond snails (even though I
treated and picked the eggs off of the plants). My question is: Will pond
snails cause a big problem in a healthy, fast growing, planted tank? I have
read that because they will eat plants they are BAD, I am sure that I have
also heard that if your plants are growing well the snails will not do any
serious damage. Does anyone have anyone comments or experience they want to
	So, there it is, any comments or advise would be sincerely appreciated.

	Enjoying -30 degrees celsius in Canada,