Crypt. griffithii

Holiday Greetings!

I am expecting a shipment of C. griffithii in the near future.
My past experiences(yes, there have been several 8-<) with this
plant have not been successful and I am looking for any tips,
or any conditions I might duplicate to get better results.

Apparently my supplier has better results than I do, as they
have them for sale in large numbers.  However, I have not had
any success in communicating with them regarding their methods
of propagation.  I don't believe that their methods would apply
to my situation anyway, as they are pond-raised.

A consideration is splitting the shipment into three parts, and
trying two plantings in submersed conditions and do an emersed
planting as well.  Any suggestions, advice, or recommendations
would be very much appreciated. 8-)

Karl R. Schoeler