Coralife Freshwater Plant food, Iron, & Vitamins

From: mburgess at novia_net  (Michael Lee Burgess
Date:  11/28/96
Subject:  Coralife Freshwater Plant Food, Macroalgae Iron Supplement and
Marinland Vitamin Complex

    Dear Aquaculturist (did I just make a new word? :-))
    One of my local, very average aquarium stores, (useless for plants
and finding SAEs) has on clearance their stock of Coralife Freshwater
Plant food and Macroalgae Iron Supplements.  The price is good, and as
yet I have not been able to find a supplier for all the chemicals to
make my own PMDD.  Has anyone ever found out what is in the Coralife
products?  Will I be adding phosphates and encouraging Algae?  Will the
Iron in the Macoalgae (along with a good test kit to measure dosage) be
a good source of chelated Iron for Freshwater plants, or will it
introduce extra BAD stuff into my hydrosphere?  I am looking for a
posting on their composition or results in a FW plant tank.  Has anyone
tried these?  
    I am also looking for opinions on Marinlands Vitamin complex, 15
years ago we loved using it in FW tanks to enhance fish color, does it
change plant nutrient uptakes?  
    I should very much like not to make a hash of this tank, because it
could be job threatening if it turns to goop in the entryway, so am a
little concerned with doing it right.
    Finally, how does a small amout of laterite, vermiculite and widely
spaced peat plates (I have some left from years ago sold by Hagen and
others) in the bottom of the gravel sound to the NET, if I don't use an
UGH?  Opinions and hints would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you. 
Michael  (with your help, perhaps not a newbie much longer).