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>Greetings Mike,
>Dispite the fact that Dupla are in Australia, they keep very much to themselves,
>although a friend of mine knows Horst Kipper quite well and apparently the majority
>of the research they are doing now is marine. Horst lives in Carnes in the Northern
>part of Queensland, just off the barrier reef and has a floating laboratory that they 
>use. Apparently they send many marine fish to Germany for sale by Dupla there.

From my undertsanding of Dupla's research into Australia, is that Horst has been
looking into the Daintree Rainforest (just a few km's north of Cairns), as it
has "supposedly" some of the purest rivers left in the world.  The good news is
that in a couple of months the prediction is that, a new range of Dupla products
will be released, better than the originals at lower prices.  The new range is
supposedly been billed as the next generation of Aquatic Planted tank tools, and
will keep Dupla ahead of the market for another 10 years.

Again it might be all hype :-)

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