Re: 4 tube ballast

> From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
> Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 00:40:08 -0500
> Subject: 4-Tube Parallel Electronic Ballast
> If you really CAN get a 4-tube Parallel Electronic Ballast for $30.00, please
> please please let the rest of us know WHERE you found them! Also, the Brand
> name, model number, etc.  I am serious!  :-)   Grainger does have some 3-tube
> parallel electronic ballasts listed, but my local store can't get them, and
> they are about $47.00 wholesale.  For the electronically challenged, (  :-)
>  ) "parallel" means each tube is individually lit, so if one goes out, the
> others do not.  It is definitely the way to go, if you can.  
> If I had the $$$$ to purchase an Ice Cap, also a SunSeeker, and then test
> them against the much cheaper electronic ballasts I have found, I _would_
> test them, and see how much of the IceCap light is all in the advertising
> department, how much is the ballast.  (It might be true, but one never knows
> for sure!)  That just seems like an awful lot of money, compared to the other
> electronic ballasts I have found. 
> But, a 4-tube parallel would sure fit nicely over a 55!


Bought mine at Grainger. Their part number 1C225; $40.95; page 982 of
their 1996 catlogue (catalogue 387). Its a Motorola Ballast with GE
label.See <http://www.mot.com/AECG/MLI/> for a nice wiring diagram. Runs
fine. I made a wooden hood hung on pulleys from the ceiling with
counterweights. Easy up - easy down. Read here that lamps need to be
near metal so I stapled some screening to inside of hood and grounded
it. Wish I'd tried it without this first. My lampholders were from the
same catalogue - eight for a couple of bucks. Have fun and get your
black tape ready!

- Jim