Re: Substrate Heating Alternatives

>afford the Dupla system.  Some time ago I ran across some undertank
>heaters for reptile tanks, would this work?  Is anyone using any
>other system that they could share with the list?  I believe there
>are quite a few people out there that would be interested.  Thanks.

Yes.  A lot of us have seen those, and thought they may make a good
idea.  General consensus is that they don't create temperature
gradients along the substrate (laterally?), just vertical gradients.
I had an idea a while ago, though -- what about siliconing in short
acrylic or glass (seamed, of course) fins across the bottom of the
tank?  These would conduct the heat as well as the glass beneath,
though care must be taken that they contact the glass directly.
Wouldn't this work?  Here's a crude diagram:

    f     f	f
   sfs   sfs   sfs
(side view of tank.  b := bottom glass, f := fins, s := sealant bead)


Brian T. Forsythe
crom at cris_com