Sword Plants

I bought one amazon sword plant [I think it is E. amazonicus] about one
year ago and put it in my 29 gallon plant tank. It grew so big that I
had to keep cutting it back. When it flowered, I let adventitious plants
develop on the peduncle, then removed them.  I moved the whole tank into
another room about six months ago.  The plants just kept getting
bigger.  I just did a makeover on the tank.  I changed it by adding a
finer grade gravel on top of the old gravel. I also mixed in fertilizer
tablets. I added a nice peice of bogwood, and bought alot of new plants.
I also got new fluorescent tubes. The mother sword plant was too big, so
I did not put it in after the makeover. However, I did put in some of
the smaller swords that came from the flower stalk.  They too are
getting to be too large.  I think my new set up is really good, and the
plants are showing excellent growth. The baby sword plants are suddenly
putting out leaves which are almost as big as the mother plant's leaves.
They just are too darn big.  

So, my question is this:  Are there any species or hybrids/varieties of
Echinodorus that stay small? [Under 10 inches tall?] OTHER than the
chain swords, which species could I use in my 29 gallon that wouldn't
get too big?
Any suggestions and help are appreciated. 
Thanks, sincerely
Matthew Schwartz