4-Tube Parallel Electronic Ballast

If you really CAN get a 4-tube Parallel Electronic Ballast for $30.00, please
please please let the rest of us know WHERE you found them! Also, the Brand
name, model number, etc.  I am serious!  :-)   Grainger does have some 3-tube
parallel electronic ballasts listed, but my local store can't get them, and
they are about $47.00 wholesale.  For the electronically challenged, (  :-)
 ) "parallel" means each tube is individually lit, so if one goes out, the
others do not.  It is definitely the way to go, if you can.  

If I had the $$$$ to purchase an Ice Cap, also a SunSeeker, and then test
them against the much cheaper electronic ballasts I have found, I _would_
test them, and see how much of the IceCap light is all in the advertising
department, how much is the ballast.  (It might be true, but one never knows
for sure!)  That just seems like an awful lot of money, compared to the other
electronic ballasts I have found. 

But, a 4-tube parallel would sure fit nicely over a 55!