Current Dupla Research

Hi Everyone,

While thumbing through my dog-eared copy of "The Optimum Aquarium" I

noticed the publication date - 1986. The book claims to be based upon

research conducted by Kaspar Horst and Horst E. Kipper and/or their

associates at Dupla over approximately a ten year period. I have visited

Dupla's Web site and can see very little change in their philosophy or

their product line in 1996. I'm wondering what they have been doing,

research wise, over the past ten years (aside from counting their


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Dupla also operate the publishing

house AD Aquadocumenta, the company which publishes (published?) Today's

Aquarium? This small magazine used to be available in an English edition

but they ceased publishing it years ago although it is still available

in German and Italian. Dupla products and their use received extensive

coverage in this magazine (at least when I was able to get the English

language edition).

Are there any subscribers to this list who can still get Today's

Aquarium, in either the German or the Italian editions? Is there any

indication in current copies of that magazine just what Dupla is up to?

The reason I'm asking about this is not to criticize the company. George

Booth obviously thinks their system works and has published wonderful

articles and photographs proving his success with both Dupla's methods

and their products. I hope it works (or else I'm going to end up with

120 gallons of stinking swamp in my living room). But when I think about

all of the changes that have taken place in this hobby over the past ten

years (anybody talked to a Marine hobbyist lately?) I find it hard to

believe that a company like Dupla would just stop their research. Or

maybe I'm just ticked that they no longer seem to take those of us who

live on this side of the pond (and speak English) very seriously - hence

their lack of recent published information in English.

Does anybody think that a write in campaign to Dupla / AD Aquadocumenta

would have any positive effect, i.e. get them to publish something in

English which would document Dupla's (or any other European company's)

current thinking about F/W aquarium maintenance?

Comments anyone?

James Purchase

Toronto, Ontario

jpp at inforamp_net