Re: Current Dupla Research

James Purchase asks....
>Hi Everyone,
>While thumbing through my dog-eared copy of "The Optimum Aquarium" I
>noticed the publication date - 1986. The book claims to be based upon
>research conducted by Kaspar Horst and Horst E. Kipper and/or their
>associates at Dupla over approximately a ten year period.
>Dupla's Web site and can see very little change in their philosophy or
>their product line in 1996. I'm wondering what they have been doing,
>research wise, over the past ten years (aside from counting their

My impression is that they made some trips to the tropics and tested
a few water samples. After arriving at certain conclusions of which
we still may only guess, they developed a product line and published.
Then they took the money and ran.

There are lots of academics who have devoted decades to aquatic plant
research. Some of them publish in Aquatic Botany. Among businessmen,
Holger Windelov and his company, Tropica, stand out as perennial
innovators. Am I being harsh again?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca