Re: Wall Mats

Art Giacosa wrote:
> I too was a little curious about the wall mats used in Amano's smaller
> tanks.  I questioned Mihir Sapru of Aqua Design Amano, but he was
> unaware Mr. Amano had ever used such things.  Oh well.

It seems that the "wall mats" was mis-translation or typo of "wool mat".
(Nylon wool mat - common filter medium.)

I saw in the Aqua Journal vol.3(?) Amano used it as follows:

       |      |      |      |      |-Stem of Micranthemum micranthemoides
|      |      |      |      |      |      |-Thin tape of wool
| O.O.   O.O.   O.O.   O.O.   O.O.        |
|_________________________________________|  O.: fertilized volcanic sand
                                                 & vacteria seed
 --> Roll it up and put a rubber band around.

Hope this helps