Re: "Mastergrow" and PMDD

Karen A Randall said.....

>PMDD (despite the misleading name<g>) are a knock off of the 
>Tropica Mastergrow, not Dupla Drops.

>With my tap water, Mastergrow works better than any other 
>commercial preparation.  No single commercial preparation can be 
>right for all water supplies, and if you use them, you have to 
>experiment to see which one makes up for the deficiencies in 
>_your_ water.  That's the nice thing about PMDD's, if you want to 
>go to the trouble of making them.  You can fine-tune them for your 
>specific conditions.

Tropica Mastergrow is a very good knockoff of PMDD.<g>

PMDD -that's Poor Man's Dosing Drops, not  Poor Man's Dupla Drops.
Now that Kevin and Paul have made their millions from the formula,
I'd hate to see Dupla lawyers swoop down and scoop up the profits.

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