Comprehensive Fluorescent Tube Data

> From: "VERMILLION, DIANNE" <DVER at son_rochester.edu>
> Date: Wed, 20 Nov 96 10:49:00 est
> Subject: re www site with watts-lumens
> Hi,
>  I could not access the caltech site with the table on bulb watt-lumen 
> listings  and have already canned the original post. Could someone check the 
> address for me, or repost it or let me know if it is still accessible?
> www.cco.caltech.edu:80/~aquaria/krib/lights/flourescent-table.html
> thanks in advance,
> Dianne

The link is up and running. However pls make sure you have the right
letter being correctly CAPITALISED.

Just click here.