re: CO2 Valves

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 08:23:51 -0700
From: "Brad M. Lauchnor" <blauchno at deq_state.ut.us>
To: Aquatic-Plants at ActWin_com
Subject: CO2 Valves?

I was looking through a list of distributors and found a section on valves.
Here are the names of the distributors. I don't know if they have the
specific valves people are looking for but a quick phone call to them may
answer your questions. Many of these distributors may not make valves
for compressed gas, the list was not that specific.

Osmonics Inc. 
(619) 933-2277

North American Mfg CO. 
(216) 271-6000

(909) 981-2770

Bermad, Inc.
(714) 666-1100

Atkomatic Valve Co.
(317) 357-8421

Automatic Switch Co.
(201) 966-2000

Flodyne Controls Inc.
(908) 464-6200

Porter Instrument Co. Inc.
(215) 723-4000

Swagelok Cos., Inc.
(216) 349-5934

If anyone has any success with any of these people please let me

Brad L.    blauchno at deq_state.ut.us