Snail/Parasite discussion (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 07:35:22 -0800
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Subject: Snail/Parasite discussion

This was/is known to the Florida Fish Farmers - particularly in the 
Tampa/Ruskin area as the "Gull Worm"!  The worm actually made a cyst
almost 1/8 inch on the fish (which could be removed by hand and you could
see the little worm in the cyst).  It was very common from Tampa area
about 25 years ago and the Florida Fish Farmers learned to control the
snails that were the carriers.  I'm certain that the University of
Florida in Gainsville or Auburn University can verify this.  Certainly,
the Florida Fish Farmers' Association will.

It really never bothered anything in the aquarium -- just an ugly
yellowish cyst on mainly livebearers.