re: Stupid Question

>What I've done, based on memory and guesswork, is to clean the probe, put
it in the 7.0 standard, and turn the calibration screw until the meter
reads 7.0.  I then rinsed the probe, inserted it into the 10.0 standard,
and adjusted the slope screw until the meter read 10.0.  This seemed to go
fairly smoothly, but I can't help wondering if I should have gone the other
direction (set to 10, slope to 7), particularly since the range I'm
interested in is 6.0 - 6.5, or whether I'm forgetting a step or two here.

This procedure agrees with my (non-Sandpoint) instructions, except perhaps,
that I am using a 4.01 standard instead of the 10.0.

As an aside, how does one clean a probe effectively and safely? Also, I read
somewhere that the life of a probe is 6 months. What are your experiences? 

in foggy Waterloo