Water company tests

I just called my water company, to see if they could tell me the levels of
nitrate and phosphate in my water.  The nitrates , so they say, average at
6.5ppm.  What levels would be considered high?
        My tetra test kit doesnt register any nitrate, always at the lowest
color scale, for my tank water (including the large tank that is still
breaking in and is battling blue green algae.)

But as for phosphate, the engineer tells me that he knows of no health
concerns that mandates phosphate testing.  He said at no level,
local,state, or federal, is it required, so they dont do it.  Does this
agree with what others may have found?  I guess I will break down and buy a
phosphate test kit, and then see if I have a problem.  Again, what levels
would be considered high?


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