Re: fern question

>From: Allison King & Robert Richardson <recall19 at mail_idt.net>

>Hello. I am working on a school research project. With all of your
>fern knowledge, I was wondering if you could answer a question. My
>biology class had been trying to find the answer to this since the
>beginning of the school year. One of the kids in the class mentioned
>that her relative has a type of fern that eats bananas. She claims that
>you put the banana on the plant and it eats it in about a week. The
>rest of the class does not believe her. We could not find any
>information on this type of fern. That is why our teacher is offering a
>bonus if anyone can find out what type of fern this is. If you have any
>information I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you.

Before we can key out this fern species, we need to know if it peels the
bananas and leaves the skins behind, or if it eats them skin and all.
(just kidding!)

Seriously, ferns as well as flowering plants do not eat bananas.  Either
the banana is decaying or something else is coming and eating the banana
when no one is looking.

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